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We passionately believe that following best legal practices on a day-to-day basis, and not just for "important deals," serves as the catalyst for enduring business success. We provide highly sophisticated, pragmatic and strategic legal advice by serving as our client's outside general counsel or by supplementing the client's in-house legal team. We provide the full array of our services in a highly accessible and cost-effective manner that encourages our clients to use us on a day-to-day basis. 

For 20 years, Avi has served with dedication and relished his role as a "business lawyer." Avi brings to bear for the benefit of his clients a formidable combination of exceptional experience, dedication to client service, rich professional and cultural diversity and multi-faceted creativity. Avi has served as the de facto general counsel for numerous clients who do not have an in-house general counsel or whose in-house legal team does not have relevant corporate, securities or transactional experience. These clients have ranged from entrepreneurs, start-up / venture-backed companies, portfolio companies of private equity funds, boutique financial services firms and middle market companies in the United States and abroad.


Many businesses veer towards one of the following two "standard" options to fulfill their day-to-day corporate legal needs:


Using a Large Law Firm for Day-To-Day Corporate Needs


Many clients of large law firms, especially entrepreneurs, start-up / venture-backed companies, boutique financial services firms and middle market companies, compete with the "biglaw" firm's largest institutional clients for a scarce and valuable commodity, i.e., the quality time and hands-on attention of "partners” and "senior associates."  “Biglaw" partners and senior associates charge very expensive premium billing rates and the billing rates of junior and relatively inexperienced associates are not far behind. These accessibility and high cost issues are exacerbated when a client desires to obtain high quality and senior legal advice with respect to its day-to-day corporate needs that are as mission-critical for long-term business success as getting important "deals" done.


Hiring a Dedicated General Counsel or In-House Corporate Counsel


There are scores of superb general counsel and in-house counsel serving with distinction and dedication throughout the United States and abroad. We have the privilege and pleasure of receiving instructions from and working closely with them. For many small to medium-size businesses, hiring a full time and highly experienced general counsel or in-house corporate counsel is prohibitively expensive after factoring in a competitive salary, costs of providing healthcare and other benefits and office space and administrative overhead. These businesses sometimes "settle for less" by hiring junior lawyers who serve mostly as coordinators and "farm out" important day-to-day and occasional transactional work to large law firms. This is not an ideal situation.


Ganatra Law provides exceptionally high quality and efficient legal services for your day-to-day corporate and transactional needs. There is nothing "general" about the "counsel" we provide and we customize each retainer arrangement according to the client's bespoke legal needs and budget. We are an ideal choice that overcomes the drawbacks of the "standard options" described above because we are:


  • Accessible: We practice a deeply ingrained work ethic: “We will be there when you need us.” We know that the momentum of business does not stop at the end of the business day and neither does our clients’ need for access to our legal services. As part of our global practice, we frequently work with clients across borders and during business hours in different time zones. Responsiveness is paramount in client service. We get it . . . and you will get us when you need us.


  • Sophisticated: Over the course of hundreds of transactions during his 20-year career, Avi has worked closely with exceptional women and men who are very “savvy” business leaders who expect their corporate lawyers to not only “keep up” with but also advance their business aspirations. Avi has worked on some of the most complex and demanding US and cross-border business transactions and has negotiated a very broad range of business agreements. By retaining our Firm as your general counsel you will have access to Avi's sophisticated and distilled experience.


  • Pragmatic: Advising a client on its day-to-day matters makes us intimately familiar with the opportunities and risks facing its business. We use these insights to take early and preemptive action on potential risks. This results in improved outcomes and heads off unnecessary management distraction and expensive legal costs down the road. In business transactions, we work closely with clients in assessing their “bargaining leverage” and calibrating negotiations with counterparties in a manner that best balances the risks and rewards of the deal at hand.


  • Strategic: We make sure that we understand not only each client’s immediate business objectives but also their medium to long term goals and aspirations. We closely follow business, legislative and judicial developments that could impact our clients' businesses. As outside general counsel, we provide strategic and forward-looking legal advice that takes into account not just the present but also where our clients want to go in the future. 

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