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From term sheet to closing, completing a mojor corporate transaction is akin to putting together a complex jigsaw puzzle made up of hundreds of individual pieces. Intimately understanding the “big picture” is critical to bringing together the right interlocking pieces and completing the project. This takes expert coordination, a calm demeanor and lots of prior experience and practice. Avi has 20 years of exceptional experience in coordinating corporate transactions involving multiple parties, numerous moving parts and tight deadlines. We see the big picture and get deals done.

Being the “point person” on a complex multi-pronged business transaction is often a full time job that can severely distract the management and internal legal, finance and treasury personnel from their core business functions and day-to-day responsibilities. Deal coordination is best handled by a "partner level," highly experienced and dedicated corporate lawyer who has been "around the block" a few times.


We can serve as the central control center / clearing house for our clients by leveraging our exceptional experience in leading and completing numerous complex transactions. In this central role, we can closely coordinate the efforts of the various parties and advisors involved in the transaction to ensure:


  • Smooth flow of parallel work streams,


  • Timely completion of key deliverables and milestones, and


  • Clear and crisp communication among all parties.


When needed, we can quickly jump in and help clear bottle necks in document review, due diligence, contract drafting / negotiation and disclosure issues that can otherwise slow deals by days and sometime weeks.


Our deal coordination services are particularly valuable for:


  • Companies that do not have any in-house corporate counsel or whose in-house counsel are not experienced in the type of business transaction at hand, and


  • Companies based outside the United States who would greatly benefit from having highly experienced and sophisticated counsel serve as their “US point person” on the ground and in the same / similar time zone as their US counterparties.


Please contact us to discuss how we can help coordinate your next transaction and get your deal done.

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