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Words matter. This is supremely true in the complex and global business, legal and regulatory environment that our clients operate in. In a world that speaks umpteen languages to express universal human thoughts, contracts must reflect the "meeting of the minds." It is critical that contracts memorializing business relationships, rights, risks and obligations be carefully crafted by seasoned and experienced counsel who are well versed in the art of creating effective business contracts. We can all agree on this.

Avi has 20 years of exceptionally high quality experience in drafting and zealously negotiating business agreements governing complex and sophisticated business transactions that often involve multiple parties, many moving parts and tight deadlines. 


We closely follow business, legislative and judicial developments that impact documentation structure and content. We maintain a state-of-the-art library of "market" business agreements and legal instruments. Avi has written several timely client alerts on legal, business and documentation trends and their consequences for clients.


We counsel and carefully consult with our clients to craft high-quality contracts that are:


  • Crisp:  With due deference to market norms and necessary legal and technical terminology, we create contracts with "plain English" language and a streamlined structure that reflect the no-nonsense business approach of our corporate clients and their counterparties.


  • Clear:  A road map with blurry lines would provide woeful directions. Similarly, a contract with ambiguities fails in its core purpose of providing clear guidance to an ongoing business relationship. We draft our contracts with clinical precision. We wade into granular details upfront to weed out ambiguities that can, and often do, prove to be extremely costly and disruptive distractions.


  • Complete:  The "four corners" of a business agreement must presciently cover all contingencies that are likely to arise during the life cycle of a dynamic business relationship. We engage in intelligent crystal ball gazing with our clients to identify the "what ifs" and write contracts that provide answers instead of raising questions in the future.


  • Concise:  Contracts need not be copious. Whenever possible, we practice brevity.


  • Agreement for Sale of Goods


  • Agreement to Sell Business


  • Asset Sale and Purchase Agreement


  • Assignment and Assumption Agreement


  • Bill of Sale


  • Business Formation Documents

    • Certificate of Incorporation

    • Bylaws

    • Limited Liability Company (LLC) Articles of Formation

    • LLC Operating Agreement

    • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Agreement


  • Business / Company Charters:

    • Audit Committee Charter

    • Compensation Committee Charter

    • Nominating and Governance Committee Charter


  • Commitment Letter


  • Confidentiality Agreement


  • Contribution Agreement


  • Consulting Agreement


  • Convertible Note Agreement


  • Cooperation Agreement


  • Credit Agreements (Secured, Unsecured, Single Lender, Syndicated)


  • Distributor Agreement


  • Employment Agreement


  • Engagement Agreement (Investment Banks / Placement Agents, etc.)


  • Finders Fee Agreement


  • ​Forbearance Agreement


  • Guarantee Agreement (including parent / subsidiary guarantee)


  • ​Incentive Stock Option Agreement


  • Indemnification Agreement (D&O and general forms)


  • Indenture (144A/Reg S)


  • Independent Contractor Agreement


  • Intercompany Agreement


  • Intercreditor Agreement


  • Investor Rights Agreement


  • Joint Venture Agreement


  • Lease Agreement


  • Letter of Intent


  • Licensing Agreement


  • Loan Agreement


  • Lock-up Agreement

  • Management Services Agreement


  • Master Participation Agreement


  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)


  • Merger Agreement 


  • Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)


  • Operating Agreement


  • Outsourcing Agreement


  • Partnership Agreement


  • Placement Agent Agreement


  • Participation Agreement


  • Pledge Agreement


  • Preferred Stock Certificate of Designation


  • Promissory Note


  • Purchase Agreement (144A / Reg S)


  • Purchase Order


  • Put Option Agreement


  • Registration Rights Agreement


  • Right of First Refusal Agreement


  • Sale Leaseback Agreement


  • Sales Representative Agreement


  • Security Agreement


  • Securityholder / Shareholder Agreement


  • Separation Agreement


  • Service Agreement


  • Settlement Agreement


  • Stock Option Agreement


  • Selling Securityholder Agreement


  • Transition Services Agreement


  • Underwriting Agreement


  • Waiver and Release Agreement


  • Warrant Agreement

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