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Avi practiced for a majority of his 24-year career at Skadden Arps, one of the world’s preeminent M&A law firms. Ganatra Law offers the same expertise, creativity and excellence in representing US and international public and private companies, private equity funds, venture capital funds and other private investment funds. We assist our clients in acquisitions, divestitures, leveraged buyouts, joint ventures, strategic alliances and recapitalizations as part of our wide ranging M&A practice. Our industry experience in banking and financial services, chemicals, energy, healthcare, infrastructure, IT, life sciences, media, mining, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications enables us to advise on structuring and executing a wide variety of M&A, joint venture and strategic alliance transactions.

We assist clients through every stage of an M&A transaction’s life cycle, from pre-acquisition planning, documentary and business due diligence, corporate governance issues, contract drafting and negotiation and a successful closing. In an M&A transaction where the client engages a large law firm, we are able to play a unique and valuable role as expert deal coordinators and bring to bear our extensive and seasoned experience to coordinate and expedite parallel work streams and the efforts of various deal participants. Clients are able to successfully plan, navigate, negotiate and close their M&A transactions by focusing our senior expertise to troubleshoot, solve and expedite deal issues that would otherwise become expensive and frustrating bottlenecks. On smaller and medium-sized transactions, our Firm is the perfect fit for clients who desire their transaction receives the right focus, expertise and responsiveness in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. 


Our Firm’s multi-disciplinary expertise in business law, debt and equity capital marketsleveraged finance and private equity enables us to advise a client on all related aspects of an M&A transaction. Our clients find great value in being able to tap into our world class experience in these related areas that greatly increases the likelihood of a smooth and successful M&A experience.



  • We represent US and international clients acquiring US-based businesses, in the form of share or asset transactions, triangular merger structures, straight acquisitions or, in some cases, leveraged buy-outs. Our experience and size allow us to be nimble, cost-effective and efficient in situations where time is of the essence and we can get due diligence and letters of intent started quickly to ensure that we move with the speed of our clients’ business. 


  • We represent US-based clients in their business and asset acquisitions abroad by collaborating with our network of top law firms around the world. The US – Indian business corridor is a core area of focus of our Firm and we are particularly well suited to assist our US clients with acquisitions, strategic alliances and joint ventures with their Indian counterparts.


Sales and Divestitures


  • We provide our clients who are contemplating sales or divestitures of businesses or assets with advice on all aspects of documenting, negotiating and closing such transactions. We represent founders and other controlling shareholders in the sale of all or a portion of their stake and are very sensitive to negotiating appropriate rights for such clients, including board seats, board observer rights, appropriate voting arrangements, rights of first refusal and tag-along and drag-along provisions. We assist clients with efficiently setting up due diligence data rooms, including online virtual data rooms, information on relevant US rules and procedures, information books, and documenting requests for bids. We maintain a library of state-of-the-art contracts and documents, including stock/asset purchase agreements, bills of sale, assignment and assumption agreements, NDAs and confidentiality agreements. 




  • We represent clients with a wide variety of recapitalization transactions, including spin-offs/split-offs, forward and reverse stock splits, structuring and issuing preferred stock and debt for equity exchanges and conversions.

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