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Avi is the creator of The Irreverent Indenture (© 2002-2019, Avinash V Ganatra, All Rights Reserved), the world's only fully multimedia presentation on high-yield and leveraged loan debt covenants that brings to life an otherwise dry subject in a uniquely engaging manner by combining eye-popping animation & illustration and a pulsating music soundtrack with his dynamic spoken presentation. 


For the uninitiated, debt covenants can be dry, obscure and confounding in their labyrinthine complexity.

The Irreverent Indenture demystifies covenants and debt structuring concepts and explains their essential business underpinnings in an easy to grasp and entertaining manner.


Avi has conducted several dozen successful "workshops" over the years featuring The Irreverent Indenture for banks, financial institutions and companies in New York, London and Amsterdam that have attracted hundreds of attendees.


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