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Choosing the optimal business "vehicle" is very important for navigating the road to success. Seeking expert legal advice at the outset will invariably save substantial time, money and angst in the future. We have extensive experience in advising clients about the intricate legal and business implications of adopting various business structures, including "C" and "S" corporations, limited liability companies (LLC), general partnerships (GP) and limited partnerships (LP). We assist clients in structuring their business to effectively serve their present needs and future aspirations for growth. 

We are often asked the question: "Why should I hire a lawyer to form my company when I can use a cheap online service?" Sure, there is a proliferation of online companies that promise "quick and cheap" business entity formation services. However, the old adage of "you get what you pay for" has never been truer. These online services like to use high profile lawyers as paid advertising spokespersons but are themselves not lawyers (read their disclaimers!). These online services are not qualified or equipped to provide any legal and business "structuring" advice and merely complete the bare mechanical tasks of forming the business entity. Clients who desire that their business be structured appropriately and their incorporation / organizational documents adopt and include best practices relating to, among others, asset and investment protection, limited liability protection and corporate governance are best advised to engage experienced and sophisticated corporate counsel.


We assist our clients with business structuring in the State of Delaware (by far the most popular US state for company formation) and the State of New York. If you desire to structure a business in another state, then we can coordinate your project with excellent local counsel in that jurisdiction.


Please use the links below to explore the main business entity types that are used in the United States. In each case, we have provided an overview of the incorporation / formation steps in Delaware and New York and an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of each business entity type.


We encourage you to contact us for your business structuring needs. We will be happy to assist you in creating the right structure for your business.

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