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These words describe not only the relationships we forge with our clients . . . but also this magnificent Akkerwinde Bridge made from "Acoya" wood in the city of Sneek in the Netherlands.


  • The unique Akkerwinde Bridge is located in Sneek in the Netherlands and is the first wooden bridge in the world that can support the heaviest load class of 60 tons. 


  • Spanning 105 feet and rising more than 50 feet in the air, the structure serves as a grand entrance to the city of Sneek. The €3.5 million bridge was commissioned after a 2005 design competition, and is designed by OAK Architects (a collaboration between Achterbosch Architectuur and Onix architects) and constructed by German firm Schaffitzel Holzindustrie.


  • When designing their masterpiece, OAK Architects specified Accoya wood because of its many benefits, including high strength to weight ratio, enhanced durability and dimensional stability, non-toxicity and aesthetics.  The wood used in the bridge’s dramatic design not only makes it look impressive but performs also the important function of bearing the traffic load.


  • Culturally, the Dutch are a very environmentally conscious society, and the preference was to build a wooden bridge. Accoya wood was eventually chosen over concrete, steel and tropical hardwood (Azobe) due to its inherent lack of CO2 emissions per year.


  • Approximately 1,200 cubic meters of Accoya wood was used in the production of the Akkerwinde bridge. The supporting beams that stretch into the sky are 1 x 1.4 meters thick and made by finger jointing and laminating processes. The Akkerwinde bridge was primarily manufactured off site, then lifted into place for final construction.




Based in Manhattan and a stone’s throw away from the United Nations, Ganatra Law PLLC is a New York City law firm providing exceptionally high quality and sophisticated US corporate and business law services.
We represent US and international businesses ranging from entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals, start-ups, closely-held family businesses, middle market companies, banking and financial institutions, multinational conglomerates and multilateral institutions. 
We represent our clients in the areas of business law, capital markets, leveraged finance, mergers and acquisitions and private equity. In addition to our core U.S. focus, we represent several key players that are active in US - Indian business corridor.

Ganatra Law is the US law firm of choice for US and global businesses who wish to engage the services of world class, highly experienced and sophisticated US corporate lawyers. We devote unwavering focus, distilled experience and unrelenting energy to achieving the client's business objectives. 

“The Bridge” powerfully symbolizes the ethos of Ganatra Law, which is to provide exceptional US legal services that:


  • Build Bridges and Connect Businesses Globally


  • Achieve Practical Legal Solutions to Complex Issues


  • Overcome Risks and Provide Stability


  • Create Pathways that Rise Above Seemingly Insurmountable Obstacles

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